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FERNANDA SULLIVAN  seating in her booth in a open market

About the artist 

Fernanda Sullivan designs and handcrafts all of her jewelry.​Her designs are unique in texture and look. She works with silver, Gold, stones and  seeds. One design influences another. There is a balance of urban and natural, organic and architectural in all of her work. ​Her pieces most of the time end up being very colorful and Happy, how life should be.​

In 2001 she decided to move to the USA for only six months to study and become fluent in English, but within a few months she fell in love with the language and decided to make USA her home…. However she did not fall in love with just the language but also with the man that now is her husband and gave her the name Sullivan and two beautiful daughters. No, She is not Irish (laugh).  She actually is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. ​


She has a degree in Architecture and urbanism and has been creating jewelry since 2005. Not counting the hundreds of jewelry pieces she has made for her friends and family throughout her life. Since child she has been very creative and involved with arts and crafts. ​When she got pregnant in 2012 with her first child she decided to give a break making jewelry and just in the middle of the craziness of 2020 she decided to go back to her true passion.

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